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Kilcoskan National School, Dublin
Coolquay Lodge 19th Dec !! Parents, please return raffle sheets to the school by Friday 14th December.  Some great prizes, see website for picture.  All donations of prizes are still welcome. Thank You!  All are welcome at the Christmas Concert scheduled for Wednesday 19th December to start at 7pm sharp.
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15th Oct 2018
In Maths we were learning all about Data. We learnt how important it is to collect...
15th Oct 2018
In History this month we were exploring the difference between school today and in...
15th Oct 2018
In maths this month we learnt all about the different 2D shapes that are around us...
15th Oct 2018
We learnt all about the Primary colours in art this month. After that we learnt how...
15th Oct 2018
We are learning all about the different time values for the different notes. In groups...
12th Oct 2018
In early September, News2Day visited their class to talk about healthy lunches, they...
12th Oct 2018
Irish Table Tennis champion Gavin Maguire teaches the pupils some basic skills !!
11th Oct 2018
Two of the children from our class baked Rice Krispie Buns for our class with June...
28th Sep 2018
We were learning about what Pointillism is and how to paint in this form.